Image registration program

Latest Version: v1.0 RC1 (28th September 2004)
AstroWave is a program that calculates the linear transformation details needed to register one image with another, ie. rotation and scaling. This is very useful when combining a number of images together for LRGB composites, stacks, or mosaic where one or more frames need rotating or scaling. The actual rotation and scaling is not done within this package - other programs (such as Photoshop) have been doing this for years, and very well too, so it is left for them to perform!

This program is offered 'as-is' with no guarantees made as to fitness or suitability for any purpose, and no liability assumed for any loss or damage resulting from its use. Downloading and use of the program is done at your own risk.
Selling or re-distribute of AstroWave is not allowed without written permission from Simon C. Smith, but you may download it from this site or publish links to this page.

If you like this program, or find it useful, please email me for my address and then send me a postcard as a form of gratitude! The idea of PostCardWare is to humanize the transaction, remind the user that someone else shared something freely, and remind the provider that someone is actually using the creation.

If you are told you are missing gdiplus.dll when you run AstroWave, you can download it below. NB:This version of gdiplus.dll is safe from the recent gdi+ security issue as outlined by Microsoft here.
If you have comments, feedback or suggestions concerning AstroWave drop me an email!

Download AstroWave version 1.0 RC1 - Includes PDF Help (169Kb)
Download AstroWave Help PDF (87Kb)

Download the GDIPlus dll (906Kb)